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[Russell] Aaron Wright III
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Woo, I'm 18. Alas, I will have quite a bit to do soon. I'm doing college applications this week, I have a birthday party this weekend, next week I'm going to start the final journey to get my driver's license, and then after that I can go to the gym and take advantage of the testosterone coursing through my oh-so-manly body and get "ripped" (as the hip young kids say) in a fairly short period of time. THEN I get to worry about grades (though not nearly as much as previous years) and then I get to worry about Christmas and New Year's, and then I get to worry about finals. A lot of hypothetical worrying, but it's really just anticipation, not worry. I'm not daunted, more just not looking forward to doing the work involved with clerical things like college applications and finals. I am looking forward to driving, going to the gym, celebrating holidays, and making art, though! (Gotta have at least one exclamation mark in each journal)

However, mixed in with those are two breaks from school that are pretty long combined, and, for once, I have many sketches lined up to make new pieces from.

I have one piece I'm working on right now, and I have three remakes of my earlier works sketched out; then I have one more unrelated sketch that will be fun to finalize. I think I'll get back into vectors with it. Smooth lines are nice every once in a while.

As a few final notes, I'm developing a new style to synthesize either into or with the man made of gold style/universe. This will allow me to blend more realistic characters with the comparatively featureless man made of gold and melon prince of gold. I'm also brainstorming hard on a replacement design for the man made of gold's antagonist, whose previous design ("Mario Jackson") was as stupid as it was unable to be trademarked. Here's a sketch I did where I drew the man made of gold in the "synthesis" style I've been trying out:
A nose! And pupils! Spooky, huh? Don't worry, Halloween's over.
Oh, and the man made of gold has turqoise irises, for anyone curious about that. We'll see if I actually officially draw him with irises at any point, though.

Until next time, au revoir, little biscuits!

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Yeah I kinda guessed that you were using Windows XP (since Windows 6.0 and newer had antialiasing all right). If you wanted it to make silly, you could've used stuff like "hackerOS v1.3.37-1aB" and such. And for flashing underscore, it was enough to simply use the flashing underscore, why the whole word? But flaming or not, that was a valid opinion, deal with it. You do not just discard whatever you don't like how it sounds to you.
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